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Survive the digital transformation

Your IT environment exists in a rapidly changing online world. New business models emerge, customer behavior changes and legislation is in motion. Through IT Advice we will help you bridge the gap between old and new and develop a suitable strategy to realize your vision for the future.

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Data is the new gold

Data provides you with insight into the ins and outs of your relations and organization. However, requirements for ownership, storage, access and distribution of this data are becoming increasingly more stringent. We will advise you on how your data environment can be configured in a flexible, future-proof and secure manner.

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How do customers experience you online?

A positive online experience for your customer is essential. Of course, that also applies to your staff and other stakeholders. Let us help you take control of online experiences.

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Services in the cloud

Application services are central to your digital organization. But how do you set up an application landscape in the cloud? We will design a resilient cloud architecture for you.

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Deploying technology

IT technology, infrastructure and security are constantly changing. What choices are sustainable and safe? Prevent vendor and technology lock-in. We are happy to tell you how we use technology ourselves. After all... we practice what we preach.

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Processes, functions and roles

Development and management processes of digital services need to be optimally coordinated in order to work. What processes, functions and roles will you establish? And how will you make the processes available, predictable and measurable? Our help with the process design will result in your organization being more robust.

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Risks management

Are you aware of the risks you and your IT system are running? For example: unavailability of services, data loss and unauthorized access to data. We will provide you with tools for risk classification and monitoring.

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