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Enterprise and IT Architecture

Architecture as a guide to the top

Support in making fundamental business and IT decisions. TOGAF® and ArchiMate® Certified.

The climb

Mountaineering: rapidly changing conditions, slippery paths and dangerous gorges to bridge. Running an organization is not much different: complexity increases while legislation and customer behavior change rapidly. When realizing your vision for the future, you will make many decisions while having to keep performing continuously. Enterprise and IT Architecture clarifies which intermediate stations you will pass and which equipment you will need.

Mountaineer climbing to the top. In context of roadmap Enterprise and IT Architecture.

The top in 3 steps

We use a 3-step plan to realize your vision.



Foremost, we will determine the scope of the architecture with you. In consultation with stakeholders, we will formulate the vision of the organization. Then, following feedback and approval, we will map the current and future architecture. It describes the relationships between your business, applications and technology.


Plateau planning

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. That is why we will make a plateau planning. Plateaus describe intermediate steps towards the future architecture. Each plateau is valuable to your organization, even if you decide not to realize subsequent plateaus. A plateau offers a new view of the world and therefore an opportunity to revise the vision if necessary.



Based on priority, dependencies and opportunities, we will help define projects. During implementation we will keep an eye on the process and provide you and your project organization with feedback.

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Travel light

The TOGAF® EA framework is our starting point. Depending on your familiarity with the framework and your specific situation, we will apply its components wherever sensible.

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The important stuff

Architecture concerns the bigger picture and important principles. We will define these in architectural models in accordance with the ArchiMate® standard. How these models will connect to the design practice within your organization will be discussed and agreed upon with you.

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